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bone carving custom

INERVIZ is founded in 2013, it was expressed by our devotion to the works of local art, like painting, carving, weaving, batik, etc. We coordinate local artisans to introduce their works.

We know that the artwork is not limited to have good fine motoric skills and create art products. You can imagine someone making art with simple equipment and produce outstanding work beautifully detailed predictably very slick, so if you see it as the work of life and have a life. They have it not by instant skill, They gain the ability inherited from their ancestors, which they pursue and learn from childhood, sketching them embedded in their minds, not instead of a cheat sheet of paper or a computer program. Every detail of his work implies and contains the ancestral cultural values that they always watch, every process there is always a transcendence relationship with the spiritual values which very difficult to explain, we can only feel how a work such as being alive, full of passion, and the greatness of one’s hands in making a masterpiece. This is what we refer to something that is difficult to assess by money. Only works of art are able to unite skill, cultural, spiritual values and luxury. It is definitely wonderful.

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