About Us

INERVIZ was founded in 2013 in Bandung West Java. begins with our love for the work of our local workers build INERVIZ with some friends to accommodate works of art workers in Indonesia, especially in Bali. We are marketing their own work to be marketed in the domestic market so that in the end we also discovered a passion for local artwork Indonesia abroad. At first we only found one person Balinese craftsmen origin, but in the end we obtain a lot of information from him and he brought us to the people who are experts in their respective fields. not too easy to find highly skilled craftsmen, but this should be resolved for the sake of order to produce a quality product. We are looking for people who are part of his life dedicated to the preservation of their culture in the works of art they create, for products produced by such person would have a soul, a product that will be seen live if we pay attention. In the end we are working with some of the craftsmen of Bali, Jogjakarta, Cirebon and other areas in Indonesia. Now become like family to us. We help them to generate the kind of products that demand by the public and of course they are petrified even the reason why INERVIZ stand. We say a very high tribute to the art workers, and the expertise gained from generation to generation we give our admiration, artwork they produce such processes and meaningful rituals and life, may God love them with all the grace together. The first product that we produce in the form of carvings produced from Bali, using raw materials bones and shells, we do not take the part of the animal that we deliberately killed, but from dead animals either died naturally or from a local slaughterhouse for meat consumption. Henceforth we will explore the other products, but of course it will go well if we have completed one by one, so that everything becomes as we expected.

Finally, we thank you that have visited our website. Without you we and the artisans will not be like today. .



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