Hand Carved Parrot Popinjay 3" Natural Buffalo Bone Pendant 925 Silver BP 2686

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Hand Carved Parrot Popinjay 3″ Natural Buffalo Bone Pendant 925 Silver BP 2686

We have a very experienced carver in the field. you will see how this work is so detailed and looks like have a soul. This product is basically a blend of expertise, culture and passion. you will not see the beauty of this artwork with just a cursory look at it, try to spend a few minutes of your time, and look at every detail, we are sure you will be amazed and ask yourself “how they make it”

Product Name: Carved Bone Pendant

Design of Carved Bone Pendant:  Parrot Popinjay

Material: Natural Buffalo Bone, 925 silver

Dimension: Lenght/height: approx.3 in, Width: approx 1.4in

Origin: This carved bone pendant is made of buffalo bones originating from Lombok, Indonesia. We do not take the part of the animal that we deliberately killed, but from dead animals either died naturally or from a local slaughterhouse for meat consumption.


This is New hand carved from Bali Island, Indonesia

 You will receive item just like The Picture

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